Last season I was a buddy for Challenger Baseball. It was really great because one of the players on the team was a friend that I know from Weddington Elementary. It was meaningful because Shep and I got to play baseball together and I made other friends too. They did really great and it felt like a really happy place to be for our families.

James Shipley

Dear Challenger Organizers:

I want to take this opportunity to tell you all what a wonderful job you do! My son, Garrett Rosen, was a buddy for the first time during your recent Challenger Basketball program. For 6 weeks, he gained so much from helping the players and looked so forward to going every time! I stayed during the hour sessions as well because it just warmed my heart to see the children's smiles and determination. I loved watching my son and the other buddies as they learned what patience and giving back to others is all about. The awards ceremony/game was amazing, and it was obvious that the participants had so much fun and felt extra special with all of the attention. Well deserved! Garrett realizes that just by making one basket meant the world to the challengers!

Garrett most definitely wants to volunteer again in the future, so you'll see his name on the buddy sign ups again! His younger brother already is saying that he wants to volunteer when he's old enough! :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Have a happy holiday season!

Warm regards,
Cammi Rosen

We loved participating in baseball this past Spring. It made life feel more "normal" for a while, taking our son to play baseball as opposed to taking him to speech therapy or some other therapy appointment. We truly looked forward to it every week, and by season's end, Charlie could hit the ball off of the tee by himself. We've moved to Charlottesville, VA for a better school for Charlie. I can say with all honesty, what I will miss the most about Charlotte is THIS sports league. There is nothing similar here. In fact, I just told my husband I would love to start something similar here as I hate for Charlie to miss out on the opportunity to play sports.

Tricia Taylor